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Your place to reboot in Turkey.
Cozy cottages in a quiet, picturesque location on the Mediterranean coast.

Whether it's vacation or work, one thing is for sure - a connection with nature!


Communication, entertainment, and sightseeing
The first coastline is only 100 meters away from the sea
Comfortable accommodation and three meals a day
Relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-regeneration
Enjoy a warm atmosphere, just like in a summer camp that we create together.
Come and recharge your health, not leave it behind in Turkey.
Tamam.Camp is a mini-hotel with a warm, cozy atmosphere. Here you can simply live and work easily. Explore the surrounding world and your inner self together to confirm yourself and find support in this unstable time. The camping site is located on the Mediterranean coast near the city of Gazipasha. This place has a powerful wild force of nature: the sky and the sea. 
Comfortable rooms with all amenities
Living by the sea
Full board: 3 meals a day and snacks
Meals included
Excellent WiFi for work and study, group areas available
Various activities available
Psychological support and life orientation
How to Join... It's simple
Choose your desired check-in date, submit an application, and check out our themed stays that may interest you.

Select a convenient flight from regular/charter flights to Antalya or Gazipasa (the airport is a 20-minute drive from the campsite)

Pay for your stay in a convenient currency: Turkish Lira or Euro
Come and enjoy your vacation surrounded by the pristine nature of the Mediterranean coast
Getting to know Tamam Camp better

Minimum stay - 3 days/nights! You can come on convenient dates for you and stay for a week, two weeks, a month.
Format of rest
Basic program
Basic program
This is a standard - non-themed - format of stay. In addition to three ready-made meeting options (see bookmarks below), we will offer you various ways of group and individual rest. You are free to choose from them or rest and work at your own pace. But know that from experience, communication with new people and "pollination" of each other's experience can be the most valuable thing here!
Tamam Camp is a cozy retreat without crowds of tourists, in the shade of sprawling coniferous trees, just 100 meters away from the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.
• Double bed
• Shower and toilet in the room
• Workspace
• Three meals a day
• Change of linen and room cleaning

97 Euro
SEPARATE HOUSE FOR TWO (price per day - check-in for at least 3 days/nights)
• Single bed
• Shower and toilet in the room
• Workspace
• Three meals a day
• Change of linen and room cleaning

53 Euro
ONE PLACE in a 2-person house (price per day - check-in for at least 3 days/nights)
When paying for a month, regardless of the type of accommodation.
At Tamam Camp, we don't aim to gain weight, we try to minimize the endless fats and french fries in our menu - here we strive to provide a balanced diet, emphasizing vegetables, fruits, and berries.
В современном быстро меняющемся мире нам всем не хватает небольшого островка стабильности и комфорта.

Приехав в Tamam. Camp Вам не придется думать о бытовых мелочах и проблемах с документами. Мы создаем для вас не только комфортную рабочую атмосферу, но и возможность прекрасно отдохнуть: волейбол, посиделки у костра, ночные кинопоказы и многое другое.
Создаем позитивный контекст жизни людей
В параллельной реальности мы: Tamam.Agency — агенство культурных инициатив. Мы организуем культурные мероприятия в Турции с душой: концерты, спектакли, кинопоказы, открытые лекции и многое другое вместе с самыми яркими культурными деятелями русскоязычного пространства.

А наш идейный вдохновитель — бизнес-тренер и консультант по управлению и оргразвитию Иван Бубнов (www.bubnov.ru).

В Tamam.Camp мы решили воплотить свои смелые идеи по созданию пространства для творчества и взаимной поддержки, развитию креативного сообщества. Цель проекта — реализовать в миниатюре нашу миссию, которая звучит так: создаем позитивный контекст жизни людей.
о нас
Tamam.Camp - точка вашей и нашей силы.